Home for the holidays

These 2 gorgeous purebred cats are in need of a forever home. Please pass this along, we would like to find them home before the holidays if possible.

Both cats are fully up to date on their vaccines, it would be nice to keep them together as they have grown up in the same house, but can be separated if need be. These two are the sweetest kitties you will find, they love to play but also love their down time with some cuddling.

Tanner 2 year old neutered male Tonkinese










Ricoh 3 year old neutered male Siamese











If you would like some more information regarding these 2 wonderful companions please contact Joanne, as she has them currently- 905-230-6158

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Dr. Kendra Long DVM Dr. Kendra Long graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph and has been practicing as a small animal veterinarian until realizing her dream of owning a feline-only hospital. Cats and their owners appreciate a friendly environment free of noisy, barking dogs. Dr. Long’s areas of interest include geriatric medicine, pain management, dermatology, dental care and surgery. Outside the clinic, Dr. Long enjoys traveling, water sports, playing the piano and reading novels. She currently lives in Brampton and has two fantastic, feisty calicos named Gwendalyn and Julia.
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